Call for Posters: MPN Advocacy Poster Area at MPN Horizons 2021 – Virtual

The MPN Advocacy Poster Room is a separate area on the virtual platform where our participants can feature their digital poster illustrating their MPN patient advocacy activities, projects, and outcomes for 2020 – 2021. Your poster will be visible to all participants once the platform is launched.

The Poster Room aims to provide participants with the opportunity to share their key activities and learn from the initiatives and experiences of other MPN organisations from around the world in MPN advocacy.
This is an amazing opportunity to showcase your Organisations’ yearly activity or a special project that made an impact on the MPN Community in your country on a worldwide platform and share your activities.

How can I submit a poster?

Participants who would like to display a poster in the MPN Advocacy Poster Area are invited to create a poster using the template and recommendations below. Participants can use the poster template (see below link) or can have their design. Once your digital version has been created, please send it to Natasa Hace, email:

Be creative!

You can be as creative as you like or you can use our poster guideline and template, we have made for you. You can download this template HERE.